Skoda Rapid: CG and Retouch
Skoda planned the facelift of their new Rapid specially designed for the Indian Market. They approached us to build the Car in CG and set it against various abstract backgrounds. Significant work went behind this project in terms of the visualisation and CG environment creation. The shading and lighting were also done with great care in order to bring out the charming red colour of the car and to ensure that it looks just the right amount of lustrous. Derek Dsouza, one of the CG artists working on this project said “This was the first time Skoda went through with the CGI route in India. They showed us the themes they have in mind for advertising their new Rapid, updated to look sharper, following the crystal design of their other cars. Right from the modelling of the car from the ground up, to the final images, Craving Digital delivered it all in a record time.”
Brand: Skoda India
CGI Supervisor: Heten Daiya
CGI: Derek Dsouza, Manish Kumar, Siben Mondal, Subak Patwardhan
Retouch: Sunil Tank, Vasudev Ghadi, Nilesh Thale
Backplate CG: Maground GmbH
Production: Akshay Bhosle
Account Manager: Aparna Vengurlekar
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