Jeep Compass
India Launch Campaign
CGI + Retouch
"The Jeep project stands out in Craving Digital portfolio not because we delivered quality work on a very tight deadline, but because what we achieved within that given time. A standard creative approach for such work may include purchasing commercial back plates that help us to control the environment in which we place the computer-generated image of the car. In this project, it was not possible because the back plates were imaginary locations which were inspired by real places but didn’t exist in real life. We took the challenge and succeeded in creating extensive sublime landscapes that were meticulously retouched in record time. While Jeep created Compass for the world, We created a world for Compass to thrive in and hopefully to 'lead the way' for a long time to come."
- Pushan Chakravarty, Creative Director, Craving Digital

Brand - Jeep India
Agency - Leo Burnett India
Creative Director - Craving Digital - Pushan Chakravarty
CG Artists - Craving Digital - Derek Dsouza, Heten Daiya, Manish Kumar,
Retouch Artists - Craving Digital - Sunil Tank, Vasudev Ghadi, Vijay Namaye
Production Supervision - Craving Digital - Kaustubh Borwankar
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